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Kimono-Centric Manga and Anime

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Kimono-Centric Manga and Anime

Post  AnaIkimaru on Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:58 am

For fun, I thought it might be fun to list period anime or manga, or anything where most of the characters wear kimono:

Sakura Hime Kaden: If you like the story of Kaguya-Hime, and the Heian ensemble look, this is the manga for you!

Samurai Champloo- Edo-era coolness.

Kenshin- Meiji Era coolness.

Hell Girl- The main character wears a furisode, as well her spirits from the netherworld. There's also a live action, too.

Sakuran- there is a manga. And yes, it may not be an anime, and I know I said *just anime or manga* but there is a movie adaptation.

Inuyasha. However many of the garments worn....are a whole 'nother spectrum of garments, such as the outfits of Sesshoumaru and any demon saying they hail from the "Mainland". Not to mention, a good chunk of what you see is not accurate in the series. Either way, it's a classic, just don't look to it for pointers on how to wear your kimono.

Feel free to list more!

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