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Matsumaya Geisha (Ehime prefecture) Empty
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Matsumaya Geisha (Ehime prefecture)

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Matsumaya Geisha (Ehime prefecture) Empty Matsumaya Geisha (Ehime prefecture)

Post  AnaIkimaru on Tue Feb 01, 2011 5:12 am


>> History of Matsuyama 検番

 検番 history with the development of a Geisha is Matsuyama. Until four years conducted the domain system was abolished in the Meiji era, the town 千舟 Sanbancho Nibanchō was a large highway west of town house living in the warrior class, less resident elites gradually in the early years of Meiji began to trickle down to the restaurant opened. Difficulty of samurai houses, a restaurant, I could use the garden as it is, that thing that runs through the downtown area near 大街道, because it was near the government quarter of Ichiban, Niban Hanayagi of Matsuyama city Sanbancho formed circles went.

 And the restaurant appears, appears to provide a waiting area where a feast, China appears to lend geisha parties. Geisha 置屋 belong to, and dance lessons taught there. Moreover, as position is born of Matsuyama 検番 置屋 several bundles responsible for this. So, the first restaurant to appear on the customer is asked for a restaurant catering food, thank you arrange 検番 geisha. At that time, the restaurant is that it is less food in his place, played a role like the living room for rent. But while the store itself, there was a restaurant called the restaurant to serve the food in earnest Kakae skilled chefs. In Matsuyama store "plum", "tower" Meiji "乃井 turtle" is a restaurant called the big three. In particular store "plum" is exceptional as a stage together politicians, the only thing that was allowed to 置屋 sideline. Okinawa's best restaurant boasts the "plum-ya" was a member of "our friend" is a special sister in exceptional among geishas will form a key figure in postwar 検番 Matsuyama.

 "Mei-ya," originally was a residence of samurai Shirakawa right Akazome Sasaki, founder of the house Iyotetsu Shirakawa, Makoto Kon over Kobayashi, then restaurant "Mei-ya," now. Yuu Masa Committee, sounded spectacular about the political activities of the Democratic Justice Party is here Yuu Masa 溜Ri場 meeting, party members who gathered at every turn, while the wild merrymaking, is said to be kneaded tactics. The meeting Yuu Masa ya "plum", the Democratic Justice Party is "Lou" Meiji and the headquarters for the. "Lou" Meiji, not even using the old samurai residences, built since the beginning of the Meiji era, people began during the hundred and fifty one hundred tatami mat into tiger, the dragon was also among wrestlers, cranes, Mon, snow, and flowers between each other was a restaurant Tate Shin Kina Hiroshi We could also have customers to stay. The "turtle 乃井", I was supposed to belong to either of them good.

 Meanwhile, the Geisha Kakaeru 置屋 appeared in about two years of Meiji, Shinonome Pavilion, is said to be two of the earliest houses Naniwa-Tei. The ninth year of Meiji has increased the number of houses 置屋 fifty-four, Hanayama union building was provided. By the way, sixteen sen per diem carpenter at the time, was sen geisha Hanayo one hour fifteen. In the evening, towards the restaurant from 検番 was referring to the status list of a geisha, "the only tired," Turn the nomination and now it while watching us. We have shaped the city as a restaurant, and a growing number of geisha 置屋, Showa six years twenty 及Bimashita 置屋 door also joined the Matsuyama 検番. 検番 there except 検番 Matsuyama city, the 検番 two 検番 lower 検番 above after the road has 検番 Mitsu also Mitsu and Taisyou - the heyday of the early Showa era, the dozen about four 検番 in Okinawa , is four hundred and thirty houses 置屋 九 has also reportedly had three hundred and fifty thousand people geisha.

 If Dogo, 検番 on around the entrance of the town Matsugae, 検番 below is located in the southwest rather main Dogo Onsen, a 検番 each of which is registered geisha than a hundred, close to 置屋 facing a Geisha Many were scattered. Kikyo camellia house was next to the water among the 置屋 is widely known as a geisha face 置屋 first class at the time, because the business was also Dogo hot spring night, I was in town a hot bath Matsugae I heard about was told to play drums, like a Great White Way was crowded around the Dogo.

 The newspaper early Showa late Meiji period, has been introduced into pictures we geisha, in the newspaper almost every month from six years Akiharu Zyuuzou, they are also introduced Yes one best sales Hanayo per 検番Mashita. Geisha with their beauty, as well honed art, song, dance and shamisen Masonry tough training, and has also been teaching etiquette and manners. While it seat Otake "Yone Tiyo" like my sister, had people known as geisha literary familiar with the literature, and in any case and they are both a flower of the city restaurants, even in practice difficult lived.

 However, we will break even by the world of the geisha in World War II that Matsuyama. Eighteenth year Showa "food entertainment tax," which raised the tax rate has been revised significantly, but 相次Gimasu restaurants and eateries out of business. In addition, nineteen years Showa "emergency measures guidelines battle" in accordance with upscale restaurants and 置屋 prefecture, was issued orders to leave many of the geisha, the Showa two decades, a hundred machines, Matsuyama eighty-two We also climb B-29 air raid, Matsuyama city surrounding a castle in flames, the city fell into chaos by the public 逃Gemadou. The city reduced to scorched earth, victims of 53% of the entire population is said to be reached 20,020,006 Hundreds of hitting. Naturally, too scattered and geishas, 検番 once, it will disappear.

 The lights blink on again in the world of the geisha in Matsuyama, the officers were entertained by the occupation forces after World War II party. Twelve years Showa, "your friend" sister, "Hira Hazime" sister, "Yone Tiyo" sister, "Peaches Junnosuke" by their sister, "Matsuyama 検番" will be available again.
At that time, the restaurant "thick pink tower," because there was a vacant house, next to borrow it, "your friend" will settle my sister, two friends hired a clerk who tried to 検番 Matsuyama. To be precise, the abolition of the post-war 置屋 geisha, no 検番 named "board pine fruit (in the literature of most of our verification and re-Matsumi Committee, meeting exactly the name of a real pine it seems) "to be named. Moreover, the Minister for Agriculture and Forestry issued a permit 検番, five million out of money in those days, I bought a permit from the president of the engineering firm.

 Geisha were several dozen people has grown into six "Matsuyama 検番" is greatly developed. After the war, had become the only 検番 Matsuyama also 検番, nor does put 検番 everyone is born, not so with the geisha take a voice parlor among 検番 also around five years Akikazu Zyuuzou the Matsuyama 検番 came out, "Jordan" from the time my sister has made 検番 Dogo. The Dogo has just started working 検番 lowered from 検番 Hanayo Matsuyama, Dogo the development of neighborhoods, but showed a good beginning, and then raise the Hanayo away customers with lower Hanayo, Guest After repeating several times that things like coming back, due to downsizing, and up to now been reintegrated into 検番 Matsuyama.

 After the war, strive for versatility in style that disappeared in 置屋 住Mi込N, we went to the center of the arts among people belonging to the inheritance of 検番, once one of the 置屋, there were five - ten geisha . They're in debt (loan) from a ten year old how's your sister or your use of, Dari folded clothes, cleaning, washing, helping that, "says trained" from the beginning, called the wolf's mother a sister and you, in parlor etiquette and accomplishment, it seemed we also harsh and conventions of the town was taught flowers. Eventually become child geisha, ・ seventy eight years old and has a collar change just because my husband and went to become a geisha independence. However, to become a maiko and geisha must pass the exam, the teacher of dance and shamisen, a sister who 置屋 It is said Zurari tested along with the chief of police in front of and why.

In addition, the white painted face powder paste on a daily basis, caught the hem clothed, Dzumawototteimashita left. The child geisha bottle Kyoto's geisha 結Imasu to Shimada. Geisha are often associated with a rickshaw, so we are riding in a rickshaw near the parlor. During the ride, about 回Rimashita down from the back of the shamisen's sister charged. On the other hand, in 道後公園 is the name of midwinter training, we will practice out loud shattering throat, then practice the drums while bleeding from his hand, all "devoted art" is said, respectively. This "ray art" is transmitted to the spirit of Matsuyama 検番 now.

More information on the Matsumaya geisha can be found here:

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