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Osaka Geisha

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Osaka Geisha Empty Osaka Geisha

Post  AnaIkimaru on Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:44 am

Copied from Wikipedia Japan:

Oosaka in the Edo era from Shinmati , Horie , Shinti Kita , land south (now Minami ) of the four large red-light district , which always had extremely prospered until the early Showa era, such as post-war economic recession and the difficulty of finding successors Oosaka The decline continued today, "Geisha" that the earth is only a barely functioning Shinti Kita and Minami.
Table of Contents [ hide ]
1 History of the Geisha in Osaka
Two former "four Geisha" Osaka
2.1 Shinmati
2.2 Horie
2.3 South area
2.4 Shinti Kita
Three other red-light district (brothels)
3.1 Osaka
3.2 Sakai
4 red-light district in Osaka Prefecture (brothel)
5 Oosaka Geisha Features
6 References
7 Footnotes
8 External links
History of the Geisha in Osaka [ edit ]

History of the Geisha in Osaka Kyouto of Shima Hara starting to resemble the Shinmati made. Oosaka has developed a commercial town (at the time, "Osaka" was called) to the shrines and temples from time to time with the unofficial red-light district, was born near the theater. Currently Shinti Kita, land south of downtown is surviving from the Edo period. The prostitute was the unofficial妓楼"Tea House night (Tomari and tea)" was called. Been established that red-light district multiple and reform Tempo, Meizi to consolidate the red-light district in several places into the brothels Matsushima was born, Taisyou the fire Nanba Shinti in brothels Tobita been established, Imazato only geisha and Sumiyoshi became the birth of a Geisha.
The former "four Geisha" Osaka [ edit ]

Shinmati [ edit ]
More " Shinmati brothels "section
Shinmati oldest brothel in the red-light district in Osaka during the Edo shogunate was the only authorized red-light district Osaka. Origin of the name, since the new town to collect a red-light district in Osaka.Edo 's Hara Yoshi , Kyouto of Shima Hara was one of the brothels, along with three large, prostitutes from geisha were higher than the number of. Shima Hara moved from Yugiri Tayuu main character Kabuki 廓] [Akira Aya is set in this red-light district.
廓] [Akira Aya is one of the stage of Ageya (meaning now, restaurant, restaurants) of "Yoshida ya" is destroyed by air raids from Shima Hara Osaka University, " Kadoya "had been living together. Shinmati dance theater [Naniwa] has ever been, but was closed and the building Oosaka shop remain as part of the headquarters building. "Near sandbox" is also the birthplace of.
Horie [ edit ]
More " Horie (Geisha) "section
Osaka Nishi-ku, there was a Geisha with Horie.In 1698 , Ken Kawamura, Rui has Horie river when drilling, the current Kitahorie northern half of the red-light district was. Shinmati is located south of, the principal red-light district prostitutes were compared with Shinmati. The puppet theater is also nearby and the sumo ring, from Shinmati "of people," he emphasized.Gidayu was famous for Geisha. Performance, see the dance performances Hananoki]. Horie occurred in mid-Meiji period, " Horie six murder cases "in the famous incident at the time,置屋" Plum Tower Mountain "Gil's wife geisha were enrolled in the damage that the perpetrator cut his arms楼主by escaped. She was later ordained to the Christian Ooishi Sunao (Jun and covered today) and the name changed, contributing to the welfare activities.[1]
Southern area [ edit ]
More " South land "section
Known as " Minami "has been known as. Edo period Dotonbori was developed with the theater district. Broken ground to the south, five red-light district ( town宗右衛門 - Naniwa Shinti tower town town town right Akazome九郎Osaka), and collectively referred to them as "five red-light district south of the earth," he called. Since the Meiji era and the biggest red-light district on behalf of Osaka Shinmati and Horie, in its heyday had more than 3,000 enrolled geisha and prostitutes together. Now-defunct " house land south of Yamato "(2003, closed) famous. Performance, see the dance performances at Ashibe], the current opera OSK Japan is Shochiku seat in play, "Spring Dance" is that quenched flow. Currently, the Act on Housing Show is extinguished by the ancient street of the town is the only remaining宗右衛門. In addition, the Japanese choreographer Takeshi Hara soldering , Toukyou Shinbashi became nun priest照that leaves in the geisha, 照Takaoka Satoshi had worked as a geisha in southern areas.
Shinti Kita [ edit ]
More " Shinti Kita "section
Aka "Shinchi Hokuyo" and collectively曽根崎新地in Douzima Shinchi. Since the Meiji Shinmati Horie disconnect occupied a position second only to the southern area. Once Sonezaki River (river Billions) flows, Monzaemon Chikamatsu 's [ suicide Sonezaki ] was on stage. Prostitutes in the fire north of the abolition of the Meiji Period, as narrowly defined red-light district was. [Naniwa] dance performances are staged. Currently, became famous as a crowded upscale downtown bar and snacks, traditional tea house was a door.
More red-light district (brothels) [ edit ]

Osaka [ edit ]
Matsushima Brothel
Tobita brothel
Sumiyoshi Shinchi
Shinchi Nanyou (now New World Jan Yokocho )
Shinchi Harbor
Imazato Shinti
Shinchi Ikutama
Sakai [ edit ]
Shinchi Ryuuzin
Shinchi 栄橋
Red-light district in Osaka Prefecture (brothels) [ edit ]

Features Oosaka Geisha [ edit ]

Compared with the red-light district of Kyoto and Tokyo, the Osaka Geisha " Geisha "Geisha-oriented ( brothels ) and " prostitute "and a high percentage of co-oriented brothels, Entertainment And of late (eg Matsushima Hida) as prostitute-centered tended. Edo and Meiji, Taisho and early Showa over geisha, prostitutes are置屋(妓楼, in the Kansai "Yakata" is called) from the teahouse, seating hire facilities (貸座敷) go to the "feeding", and direct trade "稼residence" ( the light of) had a system exists. However, the changes in the system of geisha in modern Geisha, was born and brought only brothels and prostitutes in red-light district is only separated geisha prostitute.

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