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Atami Geisha

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Atami Geisha Empty Atami Geisha

Post  AnaIkimaru on Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:32 am

This page talks about requirements of Atami geisha and their expected pay:

Place of employment Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan (JR Tokaido Shinkansen Tokaido Line Atami Station)
Qualification * Child geisha (maiko)'s
18 to 20 years old healthy single woman (requires the consent of the parent's) part-time job is rejected
* Geisha's    
18 -33 years old place but responds to the consultation .Education does not matter
Job Description Hospitality is a work party at the party's been sent to the hotel's first-class hotel near the city of Atami. More details here in
(Note) The quota system is not pink
Treatment    Sun's Ken Osamu paid 2,500 yen an hour (experience, he worked at least 7 days)
                * Beauty Salon for free for clothing necessities of life free
      3000 yen per hour apprentice's daily payment
                * FREE sincerity

Geisha's expenses normally (when the cost of tax return)

 Please try to compare their own Yoshi Hiroshi Hisashi
 Complete sincerity ★ (all free) ★ more information here in
★ Living Residence ( hotel a feeling )
No rent ◆. ◆ no live-in
1 million bills per month equipment fee, but will (rent) payments only please

Learn Japanese traditional culture
Flower arrangement and tea ceremony lessons 端唄 your ditty 常磐津 Nagauta 日舞 shamisen Japanese traditional performing arts

Singer of songs from teaching professionals who make legit Kyoto-style Japanese leaders make teaching manners learned from our examination of the kimono dressing guidance from professionals who are free dressing

I fear the things I want to consult us understand
All I am to leave it , please! !

Why not try lady acting power?
First , please ask anything
0557-83-1716  (representative) Ono
9:00 - 25:00
( matter of always looking and please list)
Height, weight, age, full name, address, telephone number , please also stated that it
Hours 18:00 to 23:00 (23:00 after having to work overtime)
Hourly rate
(Higher income)
Training period
Hourly salary 2500 yen per hour + travel expenses paid in full proceeds from congratulatory prize +
Total daily payment OK · necessities of life are free

Japanese kimono sense Companion
There are individual differences in time

Hourly salary Proceeds hourly pay transportation costs 3,000 yen + + + full benefits congratulatory prize for distinguished service
OK · daily payment in full sincerity for free

Geisha girl
(Geisha) Hourly ¥ 6,000 + travel expenses paid nomination fees + Merit + pay + your full gratuity 
2 hours 12 000 yen (3000 yen with an increase of 30 minutes extended)
OK weekly wage
(Mon) 40 million or more  
Interview Interviews will be sending over a resume
Far more local interviews have
This lady is convenient for Sun , good for your time (please let us know by phone)
Transportation costs Bring the receipt,
Travel expenses paid during the interview / employ only those of

Holiday Days or more in June (subject to consult)


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